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la la lj land

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  2009.11.28  02.17
re: the post before

i like this a lot, i do.

Mood: thrilled

  2008.11.05  09.36

well done america!


  2008.10.27  23.49

re: that effects of 333 announcement:

We are proud to announce our first release independent of any record company. As our first release through our Abstract Dragon label, this record is exactly that – no lyrics, no apologies, no regrets, just abstract. This has been in the works for the last 3 years at least, on and off the road, in hotel rooms, bus bunks, and back stage.

1. The Effects Of 33
2. Still No Answer
3. I Know You're In There
4. And With This Comes
5. A Sad State
6. A Twisted State
7. Sedated With Sterilized Tongues
8. We're Not Welcome Alone
9. Or Needed
10. And When Was Better

This will be available as a digital download only through our new music store. The banners will take you there at 3:33 am Pacific Time on November 1st.

3 people will be selected for a private video chat/interview with Peter Hayes that will take place on the 333rd day of the year.

Happy Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos


Peter & Robert

*happy dance*
(i´d rather have something i could actually touch instead of a 'd/l only' album - but who am i to complain... )

Mood: giddy

  2008.10.25  11.36

whatever this is going to be - it excites me muchly :D


  2008.10.02  02.13

tell me ´bout yourselfs.
in five words.



  2008.07.03  13.13

enough with the muggy heat already!!


  2008.07.02  09.24

some more new songs from 'modern guilt' up on beck´s ´space.

me likes!!


  2008.06.14  15.00

mentioned before, that i like the new beck song - and there´s a release date and some info about the record now...

danger mouse. cat power.

the cover looks nifty too. i´ll SO get this. can´t wait. :)

and here´s a classic performance of 'clap hands'

he´s to good not to like.

Mood: hay-fever-ish

  2008.05.15  20.11

not sure (meh) i can get away yet again after the june date(s) - but maybe something for you eloise??

'(...)The Raconteurs have just (...) confirmed they will be performing at Melkweg (The Max) in Amsterdam, Holland on July 1st(...)


wanna gooooo
bloody darn tease, the intarwebs.


  2008.04.28  10.28

the book meme

What we have here is the top 106 books (why 100 and six i wonder...) most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing’s users. As in, they sit on the shelf to make you look smart or well-rounded. Bold the ones you've read, underline the ones you read for school, italicize the ones you started but didn't finish.
nicked from dakegra

cut for convenienceCollapse )
some i´m not sure of - maybe they have different titles in german (too lazy to look up) - some that i´ve always planned to read, but never got around to (clockwork/slaughterhouse etc...) some i´ve seen as movies, but i guess that doesn´t count - eh? ;)

Mood: distracted

  2008.04.09  12.45

one of the books i´ve illustrated has been translated into hebrew now... awesome.
i just realised that they not only read 'backwards' but the books are flipped around as well, binding to the right, open like i would open a german one at the back. heh. i get a knot in my brain, looking at it, cos the letters have an upside-down look for me too.

no - the illus aren´t switched around.

this is so cool. i really love how the writing looks too.


  2008.04.03  10.39

brian jonestown massacre in cologne in july. i´m SO there.

i don´t know about london/supergrass end of this month. *whine* my foot is still not really well.



  2008.03.28  11.27

looks like supergrass will be opening for the foos again...
ergh - i *SWORE* myself i´d not miss that, if it ever happened again... it´s a couple of dates... one (two to be accurate) looking particularily alluring...

anyone care to buy me a flight to colorado?
red rocks of all places.


naw, cat.
i´m not jealous or anything. not IN THE SLIGHTEST!!!!!

someone take that interweb tease-machine away from me.

talking of gigs - the hurricane festival line up is awesome this year..

Apoptygma Berzerk  · Beatsteaks  · Biffy Clyro  · Billy Talent  · Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  · British Sea Power  · Calexico  · Deichkind  · Digitalism  · Does It Offend You, Yeah?  · Donots  · Elbow  · Enter Shikari  · Flogging Molly  · Foals  · Foo Fighters  · Jaguar Love  · Jan Delay & Disko No 1  · Jennifer Rostock  · Kaiser Chiefs  · Kettcar  · Krieger  · Madsen  · Maximo Park  · Millencolin  · Monster Magnet  · Nada Surf  · NoFX  · Oceansize  · Operator Please  · Panic At The Disco  · Panteón Rococó  · Patrice  · Radiohead  · Razorlight  · Rise Against  · Rodrigo y Gabriela  · Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar  · Sigur Rós  · Slut  · Tegan and Sara  · The (International) Noise Conspiracy  · The Beautiful Girls  · The Chemical Brothers  · The Cribs  · The Enemy  · The Kooks  · The Notwist  · The Subways  · The Weakerthans  · The Wombats  · Tocotronic  · Turbostaat  · Xavier Rudd  

and that ain´t even all yet...

but i don´t like festivals and mud and camping...

or do i?


  2008.03.26  21.49

click here for raconteurs/salute your solution

yep. i´m eating this up.

Mood: tired but electrified

  2008.03.18  14.17
new raconteurs!


The Raconteurs are happy to announce that in one week’s time their second album, entitled “Consolers Of The Lonely”, will be available EVERYWHERE Tuesday, March 25th.

“Album” meaning: full length vinyl, CD and digital formats; and “everywhere” meaning: local mom and pop Indie retailers, corporate superstores, supermarkets, iTunes, Amazon, the band’s own website and any other location that could get the record up and going this quickly (some places couldn’t move this fast, so they will join in as soon as they can).

It contains 14 new recordings and is being released globally on Third Man Records in conjunction with our marketing/distribution partners, XL Recordings and Warner Brothers Records.

The album was mastered and completed in the first week of March. It was then taken immediately to a vinyl pressing plant. Then to a CD pressing plant. Then preparations to sell it digitally began. March 25th became the soonest date to have it available in EVERY FORMAT AT ONCE. The band have done no interviews or advertisements for this record before this announcement.

The purpose: to get the album to the fans as soon as possible and as we promised. We wanted to get this record to fans, the press, radio, etc., all at the EXACT SAME TIME so that no one has an upper hand on anyone else regarding it’s availability, reception or perception.

With this release, The Raconteurs are forgoing the usual months of lead time for press and radio set up, as well as forgoing the all important “first week sales”. We wanted to explore the idea of releasing an album everywhere at once and THEN marketing and promoting it thereafter. The Raconteurs would rather this release not be defined by it’s first weeks sales, pre-release promotion, or by someone defining it FOR YOU before you get to hear it.

Another purpose was to also allow people to have their own choice as to exactly which format they would like to hear the album in IMMEDIATELY, rather than having to wait for their favorite format to become available. The band are also not releasing any version of this record that contains bonus tracks. Musically this album will be the same as the band created it no matter what format it is purchased in (The sound quality of each format however, is a different story. The Raconteurs recommend hearing it on vinyl, but the choice is of course up to the listener).

The band also prefer that fans buy the album as a whole instead of breaking up the tracks, but until iTunes and other digital services allows bands to release their albums with the option of NOT breaking it up, it will be sold in that fashion on those particular sites. On the band’s website however, the album will be sold in its entirety as an mp3 at 320kb bit rate. Also in Japan, fans will be able to download the record via their mobile phones, as that is how a majority of recorded music is consumed there.

The reason we are announcing this release one week ahead of time is because of retail pre-ordering and stocking, information about this album’s imminent release was bound to come to light and could be confusing to fans. Also in the event that the record leaks, we didn’t want this method of release to be seen as a REACTION to such a leak. It’s not. The actual worst thing about a leak is the usual poor sound quality, akin to watching a movie on a wristwatch instead of in a theater. Which for the album’s creators is a bit of a letdown, but again, it is completely up to the listener.

There will be a video up on the internet for the first single, “Salute Your Solution”, on the 25th as well, provided it gets edited in time. We just filmed it the other day!

We hope not to confuse anyone with too many options, or deny them the formats that they like best. The Raconteurs feel very strongly that music has worth and should be treated as such. Thank you to all those who respect music in this fashion, and thank you to our label partners for working with us to get this album to fans in as many formats as possible all at once.

Thank you, and we hope that you enjoy “Consolers Of The Lonely”.

The Raconteurs

yes and yes and yes and yes.

please let it be good!

and yes, i´m aware that i´m now part of the (viral) marketing machine. very clever.


  2008.03.10  20.47

and i meant to say *thanks* for all the book recommendations the other day, you lovely people. i´m taking notes! keep ´em coming please!


  2008.03.07  11.24

book recommendations please?


  2008.02.20  12.21

have i mentioned i´d really like this book?

night shines like fireflies photos of supergrass in berlin.

but i still have online order-paranoia.
wish he´d just make it available in stores.



  2008.02.08  21.27

london, tomorrow...

ooo - i´d go if i was there...

Monkey In The Year of the Rat (29/1)

On Saturday 9th February the British Museum will host a special day of celebration for Chinese New Year. To welcome in the Year of the Rat, the Museum will present a spectacular programme of performance, displays, workshops, story telling, and more.

The centrepiece of the day is a first for London, as the Museum presents Monkey Suite - chamber music and visual excerpts taken from the groundbreaking contemporary opera Monkey: Journey to the West. Monkey: Journey to the West is based on the 16th century Chinese classic tales of the Monkey King, retold for a modern audience. The original production premiered to critical acclaim at the Manchester International Festival in June last year, the work was composed by Damon Albarn, directed by Chen Shi-Zheng, with visual concept, design and animation by Jamie Hewlett.

Admission to the Museum is free all day on Saturday 9th February except the Monkey Suite which is a free ticketed event. Tickets for the Monkey suite will be available on
the day at the museum before 17.00, subject to availability!

Turn up, get those tickets and check it out!


  2008.01.30  13.23

three more doodles


i´m sure you´re bored w/them yet. well, i ain´t. ;)

umnkay. back to the dayjob now. i guess.

oh - another thing...
today it´s half term school report day for m. - first time ever that she´ll get proper *grades* she was quite nervous/excited this morning...
since i´ve been to the conference two weeks ago i know what´s in store yet.... all b´s, two a´s (sports/art) - well...


Mood: headachey

  2008.01.15  12.58

just got me thomas pynchon´s 'against the day' - yes, in english.
this might actually be a bit more of a bite than i can chew... ;)

but i´ll try. love me a literate/lingual challenge now and then.

in other news, the momentum from last weeks visit at the publisher´s is fading yet again...
i´ll have to find ways to hold on to it.

Mood: cold

  2008.01.14  11.18
left or right?

which way do you see the dancer circle? clockwise or anti-clockwise?

and the story to it.


  2007.12.20  20.05

on that black mountain album that´ll be out in january - that i´m looking forward to anyway...

this sounds marvellous...
a review



  2007.12.11  16.05

this is fantastic


  2007.12.05  23.14

aww, i just got a live transmission call from tonight´s brmc show in strasbourg*...

<3 <3 <3

doesn´t help with the envy though.

*'faultline' - and then pete apparently took off his harmonica and gave it to a desperate ;) fan - who played along then on the subsequent 'devil´s waiting' - if i heard that right...

(basses, strings, tambourines, drumsticks... now harmonica... what next? no wonder this tour doesn´t really pay off... heh)

Mood: distracted

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